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Whether it’s getting your website to rank on the first page of search engines, making people aware of your brand or compelling buyers to purchase your products, you need content writing services for everything. Content that not only represents your business but also speaks directly to your audience and addresses their pain points. Many businesses accept that content is the key to their success.

Looking for a competent writer that can handle content creation on your behalf while you take care of your business can be a challenging task. But we have made things easier for you. Our professional content writing services will help you achieve your marketing goal, whether it is to entertain, inspire, educate or convince. We have a team that can deliver unique, engaging, plagiarism-free content at a price that will fit your budget.

Content Writing Services We Offer

Article Writing/Article Rewriting

Inform your customers and offer them valuable insights with well-researched articles written by our in-house using facts, analysis, and research. Or get assistance in rewriting old articles to make them relevant and improve the connection between your brand and target audience.

Blog Writing

Increase your brand awareness, get organic traffic to your site and catch the eye of top-of-funnel visitors with our blog writing services. Our experienced team of writers will create well-researched SEO-optimized blogs written by keeping your target audience in mind.

SEO Content Writing

Create content that ranks higher on search engine result pages and gets the attention it deserves. Our writers having expertise in writing SEO-friendly content, create content that is liked by humans and search engines alike. It will be engaging and SEO optimised.

Website Copywriting

Attract your target audience with landing page content, website article, social media posts, and ad copies written by our expert website content writer at our copywriting agency Staffordshire. Whatever the content, we’ll make sure that it keeps your readers engaged and encourages them to take some form of action.

Social Media Content

Reach your customers and promote your brand or products where your customers spend most of their time- on social media. Our writers specialising in writing and planning social media content will help you engage with your potential customers and fire up your social presence.

Email Copywriting

Inform your existing and potential customers efficiently and effectively about your products or services by getting professionally written emails. We’ll customise emails as per your business needs and the goals of your email marketing campaign to help you get maximum ROI.

Content Matters.
Valuable Content Matters More.

With so many businesses offering content writing services, both online and offline, it becomes challenging to find professional content writing services in the Stafford for your website. Finding a competent writer who won’t overcharge you is even more difficult. With us, you won’t have to go through the hassle of interviewing numerous writers to find the one for you who will understand your business requirements. You will get content writing services at a genuine price, starting at just $100.

Our Approach

1. Initial Meeting

Communication is the key to delivering content projects that meet our clients’ expectations and help them achieve their marketing goals. We ensure that we communicate regularly with our clients to understand what they want to accomplish with their content. Therefore, before starting any project, we set up a meeting via Zoom or Google Hangout. We discuss all the aspects of the project and ask for any additional material that the clients can provide. Then we develop a timeline that we’ll follow throughout the project.

2. Analysing Competitors

We want you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. That’s why we conduct competitor analysis to find out who your competitors are targeting, what keywords they are ranking for and what type of content is working for them. It helps us determine what strategy we should and shouldn’t use for your business. Avoid the mistakes they are making and implement the tactics working for them. We may fine-tune our strategy based on the results of already implemented strategies.

3. Conducting Keyword Research

Today creating valuable content is not enough. It should reach your target audience. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your resources. We’ll perform keyword research to find keywords relevant to your business. Many make the mistake of going after the keywords with the highest search volume without considering the difficulty of ranking that keyword. But we won’t do the same and will find the keywords with high chances of ranking on SERPs. The keywords will then be used to form the foundation on which we’ll build our whole content marketing UK strategy.

4. First & Final Draft Submission

After having the right keywords and strategy we’ll follow, we get down to creating the content. One of our team members will review and vet the content. The 1st draft we worked on will be submitted for your feedback. We may share the document or its live link with you. You can provide feedback via comments, or we can set up a meeting for the same. You will communicate directly with the writer working on your project to discuss any necessary revisions. Once we get feedback, we incorporate it into the final draft.

Why Trust Us?

One-on-one Communication with Content Writer

When there is an intermediator in between, it becomes difficult to communicate. Moreover, the chances of miscommunication increase. But with us, you’ll work directly with the content writer working on your project. You can reach your writer whenever you want.

Get Ownership of Content

We won’t lay claim on any content created for your business. You will get full ownership of the content that you paid for. Modify, repurpose or distribute it as you own according to your requirements.

Reviewed & Vetted Content

Trust us when we say we take our job seriously. Once you hire us for a project, be assured that you will get thoroughly reviewed and vetted content. We have staff editors specifically to check and vet client content.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Keith Martin

Maria has been great! She grew as a person from the moment she started on my project and is now a competent, approachable and reliable individual. She managed our blog, content marketing and outreach in a truly professional manner and will be an asset to any project and client in this respect. I will certainly work with her again.

Katherine Scott

Great work-copy plus creative-full ad designs. Looking forward to testing these.

Anthony Mitchell

Very good to work and easy to work with highly cooperative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content writing services do you offer?

We cater to the different content needs of different businesses. We do everything from blogs, articles, and about us pages to press releases, creating social media content and product reviews. If you are looking for content writing services that we have not mentioned or have specific demands regarding your content needs, get in touch with us. We’ll see how we can help.

Will I get SEO-friendly content?

We make sure the content we write is SEO-friendly to increase your chances of ranking higher on the search engine result pages. That doesn’t mean we stuff keywords and don’t pay attention to grammar. We take care that our content delivers value and is interesting to read. After all, at our content writing , we are first writing for humans and then Google. If people don’t find the content interesting, chances are it won’t rank on result pages.

How will you find out my target audience?

The best way to find the target audience is through client interviews. We’ll ask you if you have done any client interviews before. Our team will look for businesses that are your direct competitors to get a better idea about your target audience. We can even chat via message or arrange a call to discuss your audience. Besides these methods, we’ll use paid tools like Moz, AHREFs and SEMrush to create a buyer persona. If you have been using Google Analytics for some time, we can even use that.

Will I get plagiarism-free content?

100%. Being in the business for several years now, we understand how much hard work of content writers goes into writing unique and engaging content. There’s no fun in claiming someone else’s work as our own. We don’t work that way and strictly follow a no-plagiarism policy. To ensure you get plagiarism-free content, we use paid Grammarly subscription. If you want, we can send a screenshot of the same. If you prefer, we check for plagiarism using the plagiarism checker tool of your choice, we can do that too.

How many revisions can I get on a content piece?

Before we deliver the final content, we will send you an initial draft. It helps us know whether we are on the same page with you or not. Once you give the go-ahead, we’ll make the necessary changes and deliver the final content. Most of the time, our content is approved in one go. But for some reason, if you want revisions, we do up to three revisions FREE of cost. After that, charges are applicable.